This testimony is being written with the hope that it...

This testimony is being written with the hope that it will help someone who is permitting thoughts of discouragement and despair to creep into his thinking because of a seemingly slow healing.

When I was thirteen years of age I was troubled with a pain in my left hip. At first my family overlooked this as perhaps a strain or a sprain that would leave within a short time. When the condition became alarming, help was asked for from a Christian Science practitioner. Work was taken up, and after several weeks the condition did not improve but gradually grew worse. Upon the advice of the practitioner, we changed to another, and again the improvement did not come, but things steadily grew worse. We changed to a third practitioner; at this time I was unable to walk and the pain was very severe at times. After a long struggle, error began to yield. It yielded so slowly that it was necessary to look back over a period of two or three weeks to notice any improvement whatsoever, but the trouble was disappearing, and the victory was ours. During this experience I had continual help from Christian Science practitioners for over a year.

Testimony of Healing
I sought Christian Science as I had witnessed a complete...
December 22, 1934

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