I sought Christian Science as I had witnessed a complete...

I sought Christian Science as I had witnessed a complete healing of ulcers of the stomach, which seemed so wonderful to me that I decided to investigate. The first Sunday service I attended convinced me that Science is the truth. I could see that its authority was derived from the Bible, so I began the study of it. Soon after this I experienced a fainting attack, a trouble to which I had been subject for many years, and found myself on the floor. Both eyes were badly bruised from the fall. I telephoned for help from a practitioner, and the distress resulting from the attack disappeared in a few hours, but the right eye continued to manifest a discordant condition. I decided to visit the practitioner, and did so five days later, at which time I was told about God's ability and willingness to take care of me. The truth was voiced so impressively that I entirely forgot the eye in thinking of the truth to which I had listened. That evening I found that the eye was entirely normal. The fainting attacks also, I rejoice to say, have entire gone.

Bowel inactivity, for which I had taken medicine for seventeen years, has been overcome by realizing that the Christ, Truth, is here to help and to heal as it was centuries ago. The demonstration was complete the morning after the realization came, but the worry and anxiety about the condition were healed instantly as I reached out to God for help. Since then I have been healed of many ills, including periodic bilious attacks of great severity, an attack of sciatica, overcome in a few weeks with the help of a practitioner, and arthritis so severe that I could not use my hands and moved about with great difficulty. I have also been healed of dropsy, which I know could not have been overcome without the help of the practitioner, whose consecrated work enabled me to make this demonstration. The understanding I have gained through this study and application of Christian Science has helped me to hold on. At times when all seemed dark and the temptation would come to give up, these words of the practitioner stayed with me: "No matter what happens, never let go of the Father's hand." I clung to this admonition and was healed.

Testimony of Healing
I should like to express my sincere gratitude for many...
December 22, 1934

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