The Healing Christ

Christendom will never cease to pay homage to Christ Jesus. Why? Because he brought to the world a full measure of the truth about God and His tender relationship to His children, revealed the altogether perfect nature of God, the Father, and demonstrated the saving and healing power of this understanding. The truth he taught exposed the fallacies in Judaism and in the paganism of Greece and Rome, and laid the foundation upon which Christian civilization was built. His ministry on earth lasted for only three brief years, yet it changed the course of human history.

Jesus was scientific in his method. He stated the truth about real being and proved the truthfulness of his statements by works, works of healing and demonstrations over so-called material law. One has but to study the Gospels of the New Testament to see how his practice accorded with his teaching. Outstandingly, one observes that he emphasized the power of good and denied the power of evil—indeed, exposed evil as a lie, proving in numerous instances, by healing disease and sin, that evil is unreal and powerless. He proved also the unreal nature of material law by his dominion over wind and wave, and space and time.

The Meaning of Christmas
December 22, 1934

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