I am truly grateful for Christian Science

I am truly grateful for Christian Science. I am thankful for the help received from talks with Christian Scientists even before I knew or became a follower of Truth.

My healings were wonderful. On my discharge from an army camp I was pronounced incurable, and was nearing a general breakdown when I turned to Christian Science. Through the help of practitioners, by reading and studying Science and Health and other books by Mary Baker Eddy, and by hard work and persistent effort, I was cured of heart disease, deafness and ear trouble, nervousness, constipation, and vice in many forms. I was also cured of the smoking habit, not by will power, but by the power of God, as all desire for tobacco was destroyed completely. I have been much helped in problems with my teeth. I am also able to help others even as I was helped.

Christian Science also awakened in me the love of church. I had not attended church for over eight years and was fast becoming an atheist. I am thankful to God for directing me to Christian Science after all other help, such as medicine, exercise, diet, mental therapeutics, and other agencies had failed. I well remember, when things were dark and I had given up hope, that I got on my knees and asked God to cure me of the liquor and smoking habits and of a life of dissipation. My reformation started at that time, and it was slow and steady until I was finally led to Christian Science and healed. Each day I am becoming stronger and gaining more dominion over error. Christian Science has been a great help to me in business by showing me that real business is of the Father.

Testimony of Healing
The Christian Science textbook was lent to me some...
December 22, 1934

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