The study of Christian Science has completely revolutionized...

The study of Christian Science has completely revolutionized my life, giving me new thoughts for old; a true and immeasurably valuable set of standards in place of traditional and merely human beliefs; a better idea of what perfection means and of how mankind will ultimately attain it; and a greater and hence more practical love for mankind.

My faith in the teaching of the Protestant churches was strong enough to stay with me until about my senior year in high school. Thereafter, lack of satisfying information about God led me to trust in human will, which, after three years in college, practically resulted in atheism. I had acquired the smoking habit and during the war the drink habit, and for four years following the war I lived rather an abnormal life. Although outwardly social and a good companion, inwardly I became morose, self-condemnatory, discouraged, and despairing of a happy life. This attitude, together with disappointments in business and a false sense of love, helped very quickly to bring on a nervous and physical breakdown. My family sent me to a leading psychiatrist, but I received no help. I called on doctors and clergymen of all denominations for physical and mental help, but was not benefited. I worried continually about being a constant drain on my family's slender finances. Accordingly I joined the army again as a private, and in due time was sent to a post in the Southwest. The mental agony of this period is indescribable.

Testimony of Healing
When Christian Science was presented to me, I had been...
December 22, 1934

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