Aspiration, Inspiration, Revelation

In order to advance spiritually one must have aspiration for knowledge which is beyond the grasp of the physical senses. This knowledge is obtained through spiritual sense. A rare definition of "aspiration" is "rising or soaring." Another definition is "ardently desiring." Aspiration for heavenly knowledge may well include the two, for as thought rises through ardent desire to a more spiritual altitude it soars above the mist of materiality and leaves behind the belief of pain and mortal burdens.

Spiritual aspirations thrive in an atmosphere of fundamental goodness. This goodness is characterized by honesty, humility, charity. A higher good is conceived of only as one's present sense of good is improved and put into practice. Jesus said, "None is good, save one, that is, God." It was this selfless humility, this understanding that all good is from God, which gave Jesus the power to overcome every form of evil. If one allows himself to be placed on a pedestal of human goodness or believes that he himself, apart from God, possesses the power for good, he is liable to suffer from foolish pride. Or else he may be burdened and wearied by a false sense of human responsibiiity. The divine ability operates freely and unspent because it is unlabored and unlimited.

The Law of Healing
November 3, 1934

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