Following the Model

[Written Especially for Young People]

On page 247 of the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," our beloved Leader has written, "Immortal men and women are models of spiritual sense, drawn by perfect Mind and reflecting those higher conceptions of loveliness which transcend all material sense." Is it not true that the effort in school devoted to object drawing may be paralleled with our daily effort to mold our thoughts according to the perfect model given us in Christian Science?

Considered in this light, our experiences assume a newly awakened interest for all. Let us enter the classroom where students are about to begin a lesson in object drawing. The instructor has taught the rules of perspective and the mechanics of drawing, and the pupils, remembering these, endeavor to apply them faithfully, while getting the correct view of the model or object. The more attentively one has listened to the instructions of the teacher and the more thoroughly he has digested them, the more clearly will he see the details and express his sense of the model in his drawing, and the more excellent will be the result.

Pencil in hand, he transmits to paper his concept of the model. He draws, erases, and replaces lines as he gains a more improved concept. Right here let us remember that the model does not change, but as the pupil's thought about it changes he improves his work, and through the faithful application of what he has been taught he gains and expresses a more correct view of the object.

Dear God, I Thank Thee
January 20, 1934

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