God, the Source of All Good

In these days there are many throughout the world who are feeling the pinch of poverty. Hard times have descended upon them. Work has been denied them with subsequent loss of means whereby to support themselves and those dependent upon them, and much mental and physical suffering has resulted. The Christian spirit, however, is alive, and through it a great deal of distress has been alleviated. Without this spirit dire must have been the lot of millions.

Often those who extend a helping hand to their fellow men in trouble do so spontaneously. They see the need and forthwith proceed to meet it so far as they can. They are happy to be able to do so out of the measure of their means; and this is commendable. Sometimes, however, assistance is given grudgingly, as if those who gave believed they were bestowing something which definitely was their own. What, then, actually occurs when people graciously help their fellow men in need? The question is worth considering for the reason that it takes us back to fundamentals; and the answer to it may aid in correcting the distinctly unscientific attitude of those who give reluctantly.

First of all, consider the relationship of God to man, a relationship which is absolute. God, Christian Science teaches, is the infinitely good Mind and the creator of all that in reality exists: He is the creator of man—His image. Being the image of God, man reflects all good—a statement of spiritual fact which transcends all mortal, finite considerations. Human conditions may seem to be difficult; hardships may appear to be in evidence; poverty may apparently be distressing many—but the truth remains that man reflects all good, and that he does so because of the unchangeable and perfect law of God.

Right Reliance
January 20, 1934

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