"Guided triumphantly"

One of the most joyful experiences in Christian Science comes to us when we begin to see deeply into the meaning of some passage in the Bible or in our Leader's writings which we had not previously grasped. There is so much food for thought in a short sentence or in a few words that the unfoldment of its meaning is an experience to be remembered and multiplied. Our study of various passages is thus associated with healings, or with the overcoming of some disturbance. We garner these words in our memory and treasure them for the blessings which they have brought us.

How often have Christian Scientists thought of the journey of the children of Israel out of Egyptian bondage as comparable to their own journey out of the darkness of doubt and fear and materiality! How similar to our own seem their trials and testing times, their failures and their successes, their doubt of God's government, and their confidence when they felt sure of His presence!

The Real Wine
January 20, 1934

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