[Written Especially for Young People]

What deep and stirring thoughts are awakened in students in school and college by the word "loyalty"! Loyalty to their Alma Mater, to the fine traditions of an institution, to the colors which long have stood for fair play and unflagging effort! Students are usually enthusiastic and indefatigable in loyalty to their various teams, and players willingly sacrifice many hours of leisure and recreation that they may bring honor to the school. What a strong word is "loyalty"! How it calls forth our best efforts in thought and action!

Young Christian Scientists are hearing and heeding this clarion call for loyalty to the high ideals of their religion in its relation to every detail of daily experience. With joy they are pressing forward to win spiritual victories through their understanding of the truth, and gladly acknowledging as their great example Christ Jesus, whose loyalty to God, good, never faltered in the face of any temptation.

June 3, 1933

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