There are times in their experience when, discouraged by some discordant turn of events following upon their sincere efforts, Christian Scientists may feel that in some respects their outlook is not unlike that of Elijah, after his valiant stand for righteousness on Mount Carmel. The prophet had done his work under the guidance of God, as he had understood it; and then, disheartened by the implacable enmity roused against him, he went into the wilderness, and sat under a juniper tree, in the bitterness of what seemed to him the fruitlessness of his work. And there, in this condition of thought, he "lay and slept." But no honest seeker, accustomed to communion with God, as was Elijah, and as are the students of Christian Science, can long remain in a mental need without becoming aware of the familiar impartations of Spirit.

As the prophet slept, "an angel touched him, and said unto him, Arise and eat." He saw near by a cake and a cruse of water. His human need was met. He ate and drank "and laid him down again." Very familiar seems this experience to Christian Scientists, as they recall how many times, when their needs have been met, when they have been comforted, when they have felt Love's protecting power, they have perhaps paused at this point, satisfied, and, figuratively speaking, have laid them down again.

February 25, 1933

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