Law and Order

PASSING through the beautiful countryside on a summer day, how often has one been disturbed and offended by the disorder left by holiday makers, often including broken branches and faded flowers, as well as other objects which in their proper place had been useful or fitting, but which, out of place and marring the beauty and freshness of nature, had become discordant.

This carelessness is lawless, for "order" in its wider sense is defined as "correct and fit condition" and "conformity with law"; and the words "law and order," which have come to be used as complementary, describe a state which is rightly maintained in a country or a community by the common consent of the people, who have so well recognized its value that the law is enforced by rightful authority, and penalties are attached to its infringement. Recognition of these qualities as factors in efficiency and success in communal life is seen in the modern equipment of the business office, the store, the school, the home, all contributing to greater economy, accuracy, punctuality, and order.

Public Affirmation
February 25, 1933

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