The Single Eye

[Original article in German]

In studying the narrative, in Genesis, of the flood and Noah's deliverance, the attention of a student of Christian Science was arrested by a passage which proved to be a great help to him. On reading the description of the flood, the increasing of the waters, the picture of devastation and horror, the student was distressed by the thought that it must have been dreadful for Noah to look upon all this misery, and to witness the distress of the others, while he himself was saved; may not this have robbed him of the joy at his own deliverance?

On studying the narrative more closely the student understood why it was possible for Noah to be untouched in the midst of the turmoil. According to God's command the ark had only one window, and this window looked upwards. Since the ark floated on the waters, the destruction might not be seen from this one window. Even though Noah seemed surrounded by destruction, the ark sheltered him and his relatives, concealing from him the whole picture of destruction and misery. By implicit obedience to the injunctions of divine intelligence Noah brought about physical and mental deliverance.

Baselessness of Evil
June 4, 1932

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