A few years ago I visited an old friend whom I had not...

A few years ago I visited an old friend whom I had not seen for years. At that time I was rather interested in theosophy, as the orthodox church to which I belonged did not satisfy me, and in the course of a conversation I mentioned it to my friend, and then she began to tell me about Christian Science. For two hours we talked, but she did not convince me. However, after I returned home, she used to send me a Sentinel every week, which I seldom read. Soon afterward I became very ill, and for two years I was under medical care. After I had been sent to three different hospitals, no hope was held out to me unless I had an operation. I would not consent to this, and I thought, and my friends did too, that I should soon pass on.

One day, while feeling worse than ever, I was prompted to write and ask my friend about Christian Science. She wrote me loving letters, explaining things to me, and I began to read the Sentinels. Seeing "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy mentioned so often in the testimonies, I bought one and began to read it. A few days later a friend, whom I had only lately met, called to see me. I was lying prostrate on my bed, just after an attack of jaundice in its worst form, from which I had been suffering for two years. "Oh," she said, "can I help you?" I answered, "I don't care what you do, if you can help this awful pain." I did not know she was a practitioner, but I knew she was a Christian Scientist. Neither did I know what a Christian Science treatment was, so I did not understand, when she sat silent for a few minutes, that she was giving me a treatment; but I did know that about half an hour afterwards I was up and walked into another room, and from that day I began to mend. Indigestion, constipation, sick headaches—all disappeared at the time of this healing; and since then, seven years ago, I have been a healthy woman, able to eat anything that has been set before me. Previous to this healing I had been kept on a special diet for years.

Testimony of Healing
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June 4, 1932

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