Law and Love

In times of depression and uncertainty the human mind is inclined to run in the direction of chance and speculaiton in its quest for prosperity. But this tendency is easily resisted and destroyed when once the truth of Christian Science in regard to the law of God is understood.

The student of this Science understands that there is a law of God applicable to every event and circumstance. He learns that as this law is obeyed experience is brought under the government of Soul; and thus he does not consider a beneficial event as a lucky chance which might have happened anyway. Regarded in the light of Christian Science, all good comes through law; and the fact that good comes to one is evidence of the operation of God's law. This law never works in extremes. It never deprives the many in order to give to the few. It gives to all who diligently seek it, and its gifts are bounteous, free, joyous, universal, and satisfying. As the laws governing the science of music must be understood in order to express the manifold harmonies of a beautiful composition, so the marvelous good which God has prepared and shed abroad for His children to enjoy can be manifested only as the divine law is understood and obeyed.

The Grace of God
April 23, 1932

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