Thinking versus "Thinking About"

Right thinking is active, positive, constructive; whereas "thinking about" may be mere daydreaming, indicative of the apathy or inertia of mortal mind. And are we not often apt to confuse what we actually think with what we think about? Do we waste time in the contemplation of future achievement, instead of starting out on the road towards that achievement by constructive and definite utilization of true thoughts?

Simple examples in human experience will serve to illustrate these two conditions of thought. In the accomplishment of an art, for instance, can anything be achieved by merely thinking about the beauties of that art? Must there not be a striving to understand and assimilate the fundamentals of that which we are trying to accomplish, and, having made these fundamentals our own, to put into active practice what we know?

"Wilt thou be made whole?"
March 12, 1932

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