In the issue of your paper of November 16, a clergyman...

Capital Times

In the issue of your paper of November 16, a clergyman is reported as condemning the teachings of Christian Science as selfish. This clergyman further refers to the unreality of sin, disease, and evil, as taught in Christian Science, and then is quoted as saying that "such a religion may comfort an individual but it does not make him mindful of the needs of others."

If Christian Science offered nothing more than the declaration that sin, disease, and death are unreal, it should be obvious to anyone that no thinking individual would either accept the statement or find much comfort in it. Christian Science, however, furnishes its adherents with the true idea of God, gleaned from the Bible, by which the understanding of God is brought into human experience, to the destruction of sin and sickness, as Christ Jesus destroyed them and commanded his followers to do.

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