Protection of Children

All Christian Scientists are grateful for the definition of "children" given by Mrs. Eddy on page 582 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures." She defines them, in part, as "the spiritual thoughts and representatives of Life, Truth, and Love." Through the study of this inspired definition parents are being healed of the fear and worry that would rob them of any of the joy that children should bring to a home. Materiality has attempted to make so many laws regarding the health of children that, without an understanding of the laws of God, parents may become mesmerized by the belief in the necessity of a certain amount of ill health. We are grateful that so-called children's diseases are readily healed by Truth; and it is a source of still greater gratitude to know that they may be and are prevented constantly in Christian Science.

The prevalence of any erroneous belief gives it no power. Popular acceptance lent no force to the opinion that the earth was flat, when astronomical research proved it otherwise. So the belief that it is normal for children to have a certain number of diseases need not and does not constitute a law for any child. Such so-called law, when faced with the truth, is as powerless as a picture of a dragon. Any so-called material law is foundationless, unlovely, and powerless. God's perfect laws alone are real, and they produce and maintain harmony.

Error's "Yes" Men
August 15, 1931

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