Error's "Yes" Men

Almost everyone who has had contact with the business world has heard executives of large corporations refer to "yes" men. Obviously, what is meant by the term is a person who agrees with anything or everything that another says or thinks. Naturally, executives expect obedience from their employees, and it is perfectly proper that an employee should expect to listen to his employer and to be obedient to his wishes. There are times, however, when an employer wishes an employee to express his own views without thought of how another is thinking about the particular situation in hand. Or, putting it in another way, one might say that the modern executive is seeking the man who thinks independently. What the business world means by an independent thinker is one who is not influenced by the suggestions or the beliefs of others.

In Christian Science we understand that it is impossible for man in God's likeness to think independently of God. There is but one Mind, or God, who is all-knowing. All intelligence must be from Him. Man is not the creator of ideas: he exists only as the reflection or idea of God. Spiritual man, then, cannot think independently of Mind, God, the source of all true being.

Young Practitioners
August 15, 1931

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