I tried materia medica for about fifteen years, traveling...

I tried materia medica for about fifteen years, traveling over this country from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean in search of health, but failed in my search and even grew worse. Christian Science had been presented to me several times, but I scoffed at it, replying that I was too far gone, and that it could not help me, although it might do for nervous cases. Having been raised a very strict Methodist, I thought I should never give up my parents' religion, as they were such dear, good Christians. Finally, however, after hearing so much of the good that Christian Science had done for others, I decided to question a lady who I knew was a Christian Scientist, although she had never mentioned it to me. The first question I asked her was, "Were you ever healed of anything through this Christian Science?" She replied that she had been healed of a cancer of the breast when the doctors were about to operate. I said that if Christian Science could heal a cancer, possibly it might help me; and the reply, that there is nothing impossible to God, prompted me to make an appointment with a practitioner. After the practitioner had allowed me to relate all of my afflictions, which I thought were many, having believed that God had sent them to punish me for sins of omission, as I did not know of any sins of commission, she then lovingly explained that I had been blaming God for something He knew nothing about. She helped me to know God as a loving, compassionate Father, who would not afflict one of His children any more than an earthly father would afflict one of his. Thought was uplifted, and I began to see the light. Fear was destroyed and healing followed. Severe sick headaches were overcome instantaneously. I was obliged to study diligently to acquire an understanding of the truth. I am grateful for a slow healing, for I should not have the understanding faith to-day, had I not studied conscientiously all of Mrs. Eddy's works. I have never used any material remedies since accepting Christian Science and it has met my every need. I was also healed fourteen years ago of a fractured kneecap, a dislocated shoulder, an attack of appendicitis, and influenza; and I have been healed of many other ills through the application of this wonderful truth.

Words are inadequate to express my gratitude for what Christian Science has done for me and mine, and for what it is doing for the world to-day. My heart is overflowing with love and gratitude to our beloved Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, for giving us this wonderful truth about God and man in His image and likeness. My greatest desire is that I may be a more faithful servant and have more of the vision of the Christ.—(Mrs.) Belle Browning, Flint, Michigan.

Testimony of Healing
In February, 1929, our son was suddenly taken very ill
August 15, 1931

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