No Invasion of True Consciousness

Had the priceless revelation of Christian Science done little else for humanity than to open its eyes to the invading, intruding efforts of mental suggestion to enter, defraud, and disrupt human consciousness, gratitude beyond the power of word or pen would be generously rendered. To those who have embarked upon the demonstration of Life as revealed in Christian Science there comes a time when they observe the necessity and value of defending themselves against the common offender, "aggressive mental suggestion," as our Leader, Mrs. Eddy, bade them do (Manual, Art. VIII, Sect. 6).

A student prompted by a strong desire more effectually to understand and utilize this rule thoroughly studied the term "aggressive." Referring to a dictionary, she found the descriptive synonyms "invading," "intruding"; and the word was stripped of disguise. Instantly it became clear that any state of thinking which had necessarily to invade or intrude itself upon thought, in order to gain credence or admission, had no legitimate place in true consciousness and must be false and unwanted. Thoughts proceeding from the divine Mind, pure and holy, need not strive to enter man's thought; they constitute the consciousness which is the reflection of God. The sum of undesirable mental suggestions, then, not having originated in God, need, in belief, to force their way in order to gain recognition.

Spiritual Sense
July 18, 1931

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