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The Clerk of The Mother Church is mailing to practitioners and nurses advertised in The Christian Science Journal application blanks to be used by those who wish to apply for membership in The Mother Church, also instructions for filling them. A letter giving information about membership is being sent out separately. Application forms may be obtained usually from practitioners, as well as from the librarians of Christian Science Reading Rooms or clerks of branch churches, and they are always obtainable from the Clerk of The Mother Church in Boston.

In discerning the eligibility of applicants, The Christian Science Board of Directors, which passes upon applications for membership in The Mother Church at the semiannual meetings held in accordance with the requirements of the Church Manual, must rely to a considerable extent upon the good judgment of those who have approved and countersigned the applications, although in the local district of The Mother Church applicants are interviewed. The questionnaire used in this examination includes twelve simple inquiries, and is sent to the local applicants about a week in advance of their interviews with the Local Admission Committee. Thus each applicant has the opportunity to consider the questions, to write his answers deliberately, and to send or bring them with him at the time of his interview with the Committee. The Local Admission Committee consists of three members, one of whom is the Clerk of the church. The interviews are brief and friendly, and are intended to be constructive and protective to the new applicant, and to prepare him to assume his new duties as a member of The Mother Church. The interview is not a difficult ordeal, and applicants have expressed their gratitude for the kindly treatment extended to them by the Committee, and for the help and enlightenment received.

Among the Churches
July 18, 1931

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