"The Church Universal and Triumphant"

CHRISTIAN SCIENCE is the Science of divine, eternal, and infinite Truth. It always has been true, always will be true—demonstrably true. It is universal in its appeal, infinite in its application, and unlimited in its beneficent results. It has come to the world to establish the reign of righteousness among men and to bring healing and salvation to all. It is, therefore, peculiarly a religion of works or proofs. Because of its universality, when rightly applied to human affairs it meets the deepest needs of men. In its beneficent ministry it acknowledges no limits of time, space, or material conditions. It brooks no interference from so-called man-made laws or human systems. It has come to "overturn, overturn, overturn" everything unlike God's perfect creation, until perfection shall be universally demonstrated.

When the revelation of this great truth of God's allness came to Mrs. Eddy, she saw that if it was to accomplish for humanity all that she hoped it would accomplish, there must be established certain means of expression through which her discovery could be given to the world in an orderly and scientific way. She saw that this positive truth is constructive, not merely iconoclastic. She knew that God in His infinite wisdom would reveal to her divinely appointed ways and means whereby to bring peace and healing to a waiting world.

The Highway of Our God
August 2, 1930

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