Many years ago, while living in St. Paul, Minnesota, I...

Many years ago, while living in St. Paul, Minnesota, I was healed through Christian Science of a malignant skin disease on my face and neck, a condition so distressing that I never left the house without being heavily veiled, and even denied myself to visitors. My husband was opposed to this teaching, and in his fear and anxiety persistently urged materia medica upon me; but although young in Science I had already proved the truth for myself in the healing of a severe cold, and so took a firm stand for entire reliance on God—a difficult thing to do in the face of this loved one's disapproval. A kind practitioner worked for me a few weeks with apparently no results, although we both tried to realize that every statement of Truth is fruitful. Then, as she was leaving for California, she gave up the case and urged me to do my own mental work, saying that God had given me spiritual understanding and the ability to prove that I had it, and if I trusted wholly in Him I would be shown the way, and sometime would be grateful for the experience.

At first it seemed beyond my slight understanding to realize—much less to prove—the nothingness of what seemed so real to the material senses; but, feeling that the practitioner knew more about Christian Science than I did, I was obedient. The first fruits of this obedience came when my husband, obliged to leave home on important business which would keep him away some time, said earnestly at parting, "I shall try to know God will care for you." For four months thereafter I read and studied "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" and all the other writings of Mary Baker Eddy, the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science, in connection with the King James Version of the Bible, but under great difficulty, because my eyes were partly closed from inflammation. Still I persisted, and with no ill effects to the eyes, for I realized that I was reading the truth and therefore was safe from any so-called material laws.

Testimony of Healing
As a child I was always considered delicate, and as I grew...
August 2, 1930

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