The Upward Look

"THE impotent man" whose sad condition and amazing faith claimed Jesus' attention at the pool of Bethesda had been making the same mistake which most mortals have been making since the beginning of time. He had heard that if one afflicted with a disease could be first to go down into the pool when it was troubled a positive healing would result. For thirty-eight long years, the record runs, he had lain at the side of the pool, hoping that his turn would come, and that by someone's aid he would get into the water at the right moment and so be healed of his affliction.

One can imagine how such a case aroused the compassion of the Master, who never failed to be interested in an individual the quality of whose faith, even if misdirected, was tenacious, as was this man's. Jesus' incisive questions uncovered both the man's great faith and the cause of his failure to receive a healing. He had been expecting to be healed by going down into the water; but healing was to come to him by an ascending, not a descending experience. He was looking down, when he should have been looking up. He was to learn that a downward look into matter could never bring him deliverance, but that an upward look into Spirit, by the way of rightly directed faith, could bring him instantaneous healing.

The Power of God
August 2, 1930

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