An item appearing in the March 6 issue of the Tribune-Times...

Daily Tribune-Times

An item appearing in the March 6 issue of the Tribune-Times reported a physician as classifying Christian Science with "quackery," when he recently gave an address in the Iowa State College in Ames. Thus to brand a Christian religion is tantamount to attaching the same opprobrium to the healing ministry of Christ Jesus, on whose word and works this religion, Christian Science, was established by Mary Baker Eddy more than sixty years ago. Through the succeeding years since the discovery of Christian Science there has never been mere pretense of healing in its practice, as the term "quackery" was doubtless intended by the doctor to mean when he used that word. On the contrary, there has been abundant and indisputable evidence of its genuine healing in the experience of an ever increasing number of cases.

When the Nazarene enjoined his followers to continue his healing work, he declared that even to the end the same Christ, Truth, which animated him should attend the healing ministrations of those obeying his holy command. And it is the same living Christ which has made possible the healing accomplished through Christian Science from its inception to the present time. Many of these healings were experienced by individuals who, after employing various proffered means of relief, were left without being restored to health, and in not a few instances were even condemned to early graves.

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