The Power of God

ONE day a little girl and her father were talking about God. They often did this, because the father knew much about God, and his little daughter was more interested in this subject than in any other, because it seemed to her the most important thing to know about. Then her father always answered her questions in such an interesting way that for days and days she would think about what he had said, and so many new ideas came to her. It was like discovering something very valuable and beautiful, which had always been there, only nobody, or just a few people, knew about it. This little girl and her father were Christian Scientists; and that is why she asked so many questions. A Christian Scientist is always wanting to learn more about what is really true. And her father could always answer her questions because he studied the Bible and Mrs. Eddy's writings, the books which tell the truth about God, and about what He does and the way He does it, and how people may understand His law and obey it, and receive so many blessings. This little daughter had seen Christian Science bless her father and others who came to him for help, so she knew that what he told her was true.

On this particular day the father had something very important to tell his little girl, and he began by asking her a question. That seemed rather funny because usually she asked him the question; and this question made her think very hard. He asked her if she knew what the power of God was. Now, she knew that God is Love, and could do all. And she knew that evil is unreal and that God does not have to fight it. But then came the thought, Why does God have to have power if He is over all and there really is not any evil to fight? So she could not answer her father very well. But the next morning he took her down to the apple orchard. It was just beginning to be daylight and as they walked along he said: "Dear, I want you to see an illustration of God's power this morning. We are going to watch the sunrise."

When they came to the apple orchard, which was in full bloom, they stopped and looked toward the east. I think her hand was in her father's. Something very great was happening, and her father's face was shining with the lovely thoughts he was thinking and was going to tell to her. So they stood very still. The sky was getting full of red and yellow colors. The shadows were running away, and they could see the pink and white blossoms all over the apple trees. The birds were beginning to sing. And now they could see back to the house; yes, all around, for the light was over the sky and over all the earth! It was everywhere!

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