Logic of Truth

Christian Science is based on a few simple, comprehensive statements carried to their logical conclusions. Anyone who admits that God is Mind, Spirit, Life, Truth, Love is inevitably committed to the truth of Christian Science. As iterated and reiterated in the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, real healing can be effected only through an understanding of God, and this understanding is proportional to the degree in which one is Godlike in thought and life. Should this seem strange? Does anyone suppose that a thought of love in our consciousness has originated in the body, composed as it is of so-called matter? God is infinite divine Principle, Love, of which our good thoughts are a reflection. Is it conceivable that this Principle or its reflection can be overcome by evil, by discord of any kind, including disease?

Someone may say, Granted that evil is less desirable than good, yet these opposites are equally real. Are they? Light can overcome darkness, but darkness, however dense, cannot put out the feeble glow of a match. Knowledge can overcome ignorance, but ignorance cannot in the least affect the truth that two and two are four. Truth can overcome error, but error cannot in the least alter the fact that God is Love and that man is His child. If we open the door of our consciousness to good, what does evil become to us? What in reality it has always been—nothing.

True Happiness
July 5, 1930

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