Dominion through Obedience

Everyone desires to realize dominion over limitation, fear, and doubt; and this attainment is universally possible through obedience to Christian Science. Spiritual authority over the disturbing beliefs of so-called mortal mind is gained in proportion to one's fidelity to Truth, through understanding and demonstration.

It is not surprising that a sacrifice of materiality must precede spiritual growth. Material ambitions and spiritual understanding are necessarily in conflict. They can never unite, and the struggle must inevitably end in the triumph of Spirit over matter, Truth over error. Some may postpone the dropping of false beliefs, and then feel discouraged about the seeming failure of Christian Science to solve their problems. Although they willingly pay for so-called material gain, they are hesitant about paying the price of spiritual growth through the elimination of material beliefs. The materialist, conspicuous in the bright glare of worldly popularity amidst forbidden indulgences, is misled into believing that sin triumphs, and that righteousness is unrewarded. Yet sin brings its own inevitable penalty, whereas loving obedience to the demands of Mind brings health, prosperity, and true happiness. Success in error is illusion. The writer of the thirtyseventh psalm vividly portrays the failure of wickedness, and then comforts the seeker after Truth with the assurance that he had "not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread."

Reason and Revelation
October 11, 1930

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