It should be axiomatic that no man's religion shall be...


It should be axiomatic that no man's religion shall be made the butt of ridicule. According to Webster's Dictionary, ridicule means remarks concerning a subject or a person, designed to excite laughter, with a degree of contempt for the subject of the remarks. Surely all should agree that religious teachings, which men and women hold sacred, should not be thus treated.

It was possibly through an error that the teachings of Christian Science were ignorantly caricatured in a few lines intended to be humorous, in the issue of your paper of June 4. The teaching of Christian Science is referred to in these lines as though this Science teaches that men only think they are ill or dead. Christian Science does teach, however, that disease and death are mental and have their origin in the unreal mortal or "carnal" mind, as Paul puts it. It further teaches that these errors are a part of the experience of unreal mortal man of whom the Scriptures say "his days are as grass." Christian Science also teaches that the real man is wholly spiritual, made in the image and likeness of God, as stated in the first chapter of Genesis. This real man is an individual consciousness into which no evil, disease, or death can enter or be known.

September 14, 1929

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