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For many years I suffered from a severe stomach trouble,...

For many years I suffered from a severe stomach trouble, and was not able to take food without considerable pain. During this time I had many doctors and took the medicine they ordered, but without result. At last I became so ill that I was unable to work and was obliged to take to my bed. A physician was again asked to make an examination. He told us that I had had a seizure, that I suffered from ossification, and that nothing could be done to help me. After the stroke I became giddy and speechless for a time. On account of the severe pain, and not being able to eat, I got so thin that I appeared to be mere skin and bone.

During the summer of 1925 a friend came to see me who had just gone through a dangerous operation, and the doctors had given him up as hopeless. He told me that he had been saved from death through the help of Christian Science, and advised me to turn to it for help. I had never heard of Christian Science, but my daughter begged me to follow his advice, as the doctors could do nothing for me, and at last I consented. My friend telephoned to a practitioner, who came to see me. I felt that something had happened, but I could not say what it was. The practitioner continued her visits, and in a short time I began to eat everything given me without ill effects. Gradually I was able to start work and to take long walks. My memory is also greatly improved.

Testimony of Healing
"In my distress I cried unto the Lord, and he heard me."
September 14, 1929

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