In the year 1912, when in a very serious physical condition,...

In the year 1912, when in a very serious physical condition, I took up the study of Christian Science. For many years I had suffered from stomach and bowel trouble, severe headaches, and many other ailments, including a goiter. I was also suffering from a very serious tumorous condition which appeared about six months after I had submitted to a surgical operation for another trouble. The attending physician said there was grave danger of septic poisoning, and that death would probably result in a few weeks if another operation were not performed. However, no further consideration was given to medical methods, but instead an absolute and radical reliance was placed in Christian Science. The help of an authorized practitioner was sought, and with Christian Science treatment and earnest individual study a perfect and permanent healing of all the conditions mentioned resulted.

Another trouble was extreme nervousness, which kept me in constant fear. This condition yielded slowly to the application of Christian Science, but in the process of healing much erroneous thinking was overcome; and with an ever unfolding spiritual understanding and the endeavor to establish righteous thinking, peace and freedom from this condition came. During the intervening years many benefits and blessings have come into my experience through the application of Christian Science. I am profoundly grateful for the health and peace and more abundant manifestation of supply which have resulted from learning through Christian Science to seek "first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness."

Testimony of Healing
After I came into Christian Science, many times mortal...
September 14, 1929

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