In reply to "W. F. S.," writing in your issue of April 20,...

Redditch Indicator

In reply to "W. F. S.," writing in your issue of April 20, let me say that Christian Science teaches that the first and second chapters of Genesis contain two diametrically opposed accounts of the origin of man and the universe. It teaches that God is infinite and incorporeal Spirit, and that man made in His image and likeness, as recorded in the first chapter of Genesis, must therefore be incorporeal and spiritual. This refers to immortal man, whose eternal nature is the unalterable and immutable reflection of God. The second chapter of Genesis, on the other hand, refers to the formation of a material mortal who never had, and never can have, any resemblance to God. This material concept of man, Christian Science teaches, is a false concept of the so-called carnal mind, which must be replaced by the spiritual sense of man as revealed through Christ Jesus.

Paul declares that this "mortal must put on immortality." How few seem to realize that this is a process which takes place daily, in proportion as we put into practice the teachings of Christ Jesus! In this connection, Mrs. Eddy writes on page 272 of the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," "It is the spiritualization of thought and Christianization of daily life, in contrast with the results of the ghastly farce of material existence; it is chastity and purity, in contrast with the downward tendencies and earthward gravitation of sensualism and impurity, which really attest the divine origin and operation of Christian Science."

September 14, 1929

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