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[Written for the Sentinel]

A Prayer—Before Our Lectures

From the September 14, 1929 issue of the Christian Science Sentinel

O Life! Athirst for Thee earth's children come, The maimed, the halt, the blind, the deaf, the dumb; And Thy pure Word is here for all to-day, Not one who hears, need empty go away; Ne'er shall Thy Word be spoken, Lord, in vain; It shall accomplish, time and time again. O Truth! Athirst for Thee earth's children wait, Grateful and eager at the heavenly gate; For Truth has come, as Christ, Truth, came before, To give us Life abundant, more and more! Never Thy Word returneth void to Thee, But shall fulfill Thy will eternally! O Love! Longing for Thee earth's children meet In one blest unity, their God to greet.