Without respect to particular church affiliation, Christians...


Without respect to particular church affiliation, Christians no doubt unite in the view that Christianity and the Christian ministry are to be tested by the life and works of Jesus of Nazareth, the Way-shower. This being true, one can but regret seeing a series of religious revival services turned into occasions for denunciation and mistaken criticism of fellow Christians. Jesus' ministry was one of healing and regeneration; the revivalist at present conducting meetings in Pueblo, in criticism of Christian Science, ridicules the regenerative healing work accomplished by Christian Science.

Jesus left but one test of Christian discipleship: "By their fruits ye shall know them." Our critic seems to say, "To the extent that you do not agree with my particular doctrinal beliefs, you are not entitled to be known as Christians." Jesus never criticized fellow religionists, save in their reliance on doctrinal form instead of right living and thinking. Our critic wholly disregards right living and thinking and criticizes Christian Scientists because of departure from the doctrinal form of our critic's religion.

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