Studying versus Reading the Lesson-Sermons

The world at large recognizes a difference between reading and studying. Study is the application of thought to some particular work; the applying of one's self to the acquisition of knowledge; the devoting of one's self to the mastery of a subject. One might read a textbook of mathematics for years and believe everything one had read therein; but that alone would be of little practical value in the solution of problems. An understanding of the rules would have to be gained and applied before the correct answers could be proved available; and this demonstrable understanding is the result of careful study.

To thousands of earnest seekers for Truth the Lesson-Sermons, as given in the Christian Science Quarterly, are of the utmost interest and importance. When studied, understood, applied, and lived, they bring health to the sick, supply to the limited, and freedom to the prisoners of sense. To read the Lesson-Sermon is, indeed, helpful; but to study it, ponder it, and prayerfully strive for the fuller, broader meaning of the entire lesson results in progress, and admits into consciousness the angel visitants with healing and blessing. Persistent, intelligent study of the Lesson-Sermon unfolds the dormant capacities for good and shows one how to make Christian Science practical and demonstrable in daily life.

July 13, 1929

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