Pupils' Associations

That the Discoverer and Founder of Christian Science displayed great wisdom in providing for the needs of those who should accept her teachings as the way to salvation, there is ample proof. So fully did she safeguard the advancing steps of the student that nothing was left undone which could assist the seeker after Truth in finding and keeping the way of spiritual progress. This protection applies no less to the individual student than to groups of Christian Scientists banded together to promote their own growth, and to carry on the activities of the Church of Christ, Scientist. The "Rule for Motives and Acts" (Manual, p. 40), for example, constitutes a complete compendium for right thought and action on the part of the individual. And whoever lives in strict obedience to its provision will advance steadily and surely toward the goal of right desire, emancipation from the bondage of physical sense.

Provision for class instruction and for the relation which should exist between teacher and pupil is no less definite. Mrs. Eddy put this relationship into cogent words on page 83 of the Church Manual: "A teacher shall not assume personal control of, or attempt to dominate his pupils, but he shall hold himself morally obligated to promote their progress in the understanding of divine Principle, not only during the class term but after it, and to watch well that they prove sound in sentiment and practical in Christian Science." Thus succinctly and completely does our Leader set forth the relationship between teacher and pupil. And it is no light obligation which the teacher assumes under these explicit instructions.

"The finger of God"
March 9, 1929

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