Gratitude for blessings received through the knowledge...

Gratitude for blessings received through the knowledge of Christian Science during the last sixteen years, and for the help and encouragement derived from the testimonies of other beneficiaries, as reported in the Journal and Sentinel, has made me wish to tell the following in connection with my first experience with Christian Science. In the year 1896 I was stationed on a lonely rock lighthouse off the west coast of Scotland, and in our mail bag one day came the Christian Science textbook, "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy. The book was sent by someone in Syracuse, New York, who evidently did not know the correct address, as it was directed to "Lightkeepers, — Lighthouse, off the Coast of England." This faulty address did not keep the messenger of Truth from being duly delivered to us; but alas, we were not ready for its message. Our rigid Calvinism soon made short work of the book, and it was put away in the lighthouse library for a more "convenient season," and there probably it still remains. Often I wonder if any of our successors in that lighthouse made better use of that treasure in their library; or did they, like us in our ignorance, fail to recognize the Comforter in their midst? Years passed and brought many changes in my religious convictions.

One day I received a Sentinel from a friend in England. I at once recognized that it contained the explanation of the truth for which I was seeking, and remembered with much regret how unkind had been my reception of the textbook at the lighthouse. The despised textbook and other writings by Mrs. Eddy were soon sent for, and my family and I have had much cause since then for thankfulness for blessings received through Christian Science. Personally I have experienced instantaneous healing, through the application of the truth as taught in Christian Science, from a severe cough which had troubled me periodically summer and winter for years. I have had no return of the cough. In my family many beautiful healings have taken place with the kindly help of a loving practitioner.

Testimony of Healing
Christian Science has so many times brought healing to...
March 9, 1929

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