When I was fifteen, Christian Science was brought to...

When I was fifteen, Christian Science was brought to my attention. My first healing, after being interested for something like three or four months, was of blood poisoning. A boy stepped on my foot, grinding my black stocking into a soft corn. I paid no attention to it; but while I was in school a day or two later, the foot began to hurt. When I told my mother about my foot she asked me to take off my shoe and bathe my foot in cold water. When we looked at it, there was inflammation above the ankle. I went to bed, and when my father came home he asked me whether I wanted a doctor or Christian Science. I chose Christian Science.

A practitioner was called, and she stayed an hour with me. While she was doing her work and talking to me, we could almost see the inflammation leaving the foot. The next day, a Tuesday, I walked around with a soft slipper on. On Wednesday night I had on an old pair of shoes, and was all ready to go to church when my father asked where I was going. I told him, and he looked at me in astonishment. On Friday night I went out completely healed. Out of curiosity one night we looked at the toe and found it to be perfectly smooth.

Testimony of Healing
When I first heard of Christian Science I was a long way...
February 18, 1928

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