Casting out the Old for the New

"IN the material world, thought has brought to light with great rapidity many useful wonders. With like activity have thought's swift pinions been rising towards the realm of the real, to the spiritual cause of those lower things which give impulse to inquiry. Belief in a material basis, from which may be deduced all rationality, is slowly yielding to the idea of a metaphysical basis, looking away from matter to Mind as the cause of every effect." So writes our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, on page 268 of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures," the textbook of Christian Science.

If a mechanic conceives of an implement which he thinks will be of use in performing the work for which it is intended, he puts together the parts until he has completed the machine; but when it is completed, he must prove by test and demonstration that it is of practical value. When it has been proved to be useful, it is readily accepted, and the old machine or implement is discarded. When these new and useful devices are put into service, we find better kept homes, farms, and offices. The great ocean liners, the locomotive, the automobile, the aeroplane, the radio—all these wonders have been brought to light after much thought. The artist must see his picture mentally before he can paint it on canvas. The sculptor must see his model mentally before he can chisel out the form.

February 18, 1928

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