"Fear not, ye men of Israel"

Invariably , the student of the Old Testament is impressed by the frequency of the messages which the prophets and seers of ancient time received direct from God. These divine admonitions and assurances were of inestimable importance in encouraging the children of Israel to go forward, to proceed on their journey, even when the way was obscure, and often, it seemed, they were beset by threatening danger. But sublime faith in God inspired and heartened their leaders so that, even under most adverse conditions, the journey was made. In the forty-first chapter of Isaiah is an example of the protection and encouragement which was received from God by those trusting Him with a full faith: "For I the Lord thy God will hold thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will help thee. Fear not, ... ye men of Israel." This message which came to the prophet Isaiah with such definiteness could scarcely fail to encourage and strengthen all to whom he made it known. It gave them assurance in meeting the common enemy, and kept them true to divine Principle, of whose presence they were constantly conscious.

Is God's presence less available now than in that ancient time, to inspire, guide, and hearten men? Because of the fuller revelation of the divine nature, of God's character and purpose made by Christ Jesus, and now again in the fullness of time, by Mary Baker Eddy, there is every reason why the present-day seeker for spiritual light should be even more successful in striving to realize the divine All-presence and All-power. No more convincing proof that God is present and available now could be had than has been given us; and our work is to lay hold of revealed truth, to make it our own, and to order our lives in accordance therewith. If this be done, if we, as Christian Scientists, live up to the idea of revealed religion, we shall witness the regeneration of human consciousness as the direct and immediate result of the operation of divine law.

God's Perfect Idea, Man
October 6, 1928

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