A Visitor, observing a cadet parade, was heard to remark emphatically, "What precision and coordination!" The parade was the result of constant striving, on the part of each individual participating in it, for perfection of movement and execution. Daily, each was drilled in the necessary operations, until he became an efficient part of the whole. The commanding officers were also skilled in the performance of their duties. They too had been schooled in the way they should walk, command, and act. If any single one of either the officers or the men had failed in the slightest respect to observe all that was required of him, the parade as a spectacle would have been a failure, because each one was of equal importance in the exhibition of the excellence of the group.

Sometimes we are overcome by a mood of depression when we see an associate whom we may have considered inferior, obtain a position superior to our own; or we may feel that we are not making so much progress as we should in certain directions. We may discount our talents or positions, or think of ourselves as being inefficient, or at least not so skillful as someone else. Christ Jesus was confronted with a similar situation in his little band of disciples, soon after his transfiguration. His students, wishing to ascertain which one of them would be the greatest, were desirous of gaining some material position and prominence for themselves. The Master showed them that he who most serves others is greatest, not necessarily the one who attains the widest distinction or fame. To show the need for humility he referred to a child, saying, "Whosover shall receive one of such children in my name, receiveth me: and whosoever shall receive me, receiveth not me, but him that sent me." This indicates that in the spiritual realm all have equal worth.

Oneness with God
October 6, 1928

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