The Sons of God

Joy-inspiring allusions to the sons of God abound in the Scriptures, as for example in the reference to the time when the sons of God shouted for joy while the morning stars sang together. Men have looked back to those times with longing, or have looked forward to a future, far-off heaven as a place where they might hope to repeat the experience. In consequence, and although devotion and gladness are both desirable and attainable in the hereafter, men have fallen far short of the comprehension of the availability of these as a present help toward complete freedom from the seeming ills of the flesh and the finding of the true status of sonship which entitles them to join in this sacred worship immediately, to echo the glad shouts of all the other sons of God—to swell the grand harmony of the song of the morning stars.

Now, Christian Science reveals the actuality of the sons of God and explains their origin. Mary Baker Eddy, the revered Leader and Founder of the Christian Science movement, spiritually perceiving that Christ Jesus had fully understood this divine sonship, and that he had demonstrated his understanding of it to the uttermost,—that his demonstration was based upon the divine Principle, Love, and worked out by the divine rule of Love,—worked and prayed continually that all mankind might be brought to this same perception. She taught that this might be gained only through a better understanding of God and of man's relationship to Him.

September 17, 1927

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