I wish to express my gratitude for the following healing

I wish to express my gratitude for the following healing. A few years ago, one evening while crossing the street, an automobile ran over me, but the wheels were on either side of me. The car caught my clothing and dragged me a short distance. I was enabled, with the help of the friend who was with me, to rise quickly and get away from the crowd that was gathering. While walking a short distance to her home, I began to feel a sense of faintness and asked her to call a practitioner. The collar bone was fractured; the shoulder and arm were crushed, the ribs bent, and the thigh and kness bruised.

The pain and fear were so quickly taken care of that I was able to ride to my home that night, and slept very comfortably. There was no discomfort from pain except when I would lie on the crushed shoulder. I was able to sit up a little each day, and the fourth day, with a little help, I dressed and went downstairs. Through the loving and thorough work done by the practitioner, in a very short time the effects of the accident were completely obliterated. We depended entirely on Christian Science for healing. No applications were made, and no surgeon was called. I was also completely freed from any though of resentment.

Testimony of Healing
Through the study and application of Christian Science...
September 17, 1927

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