In Psalms we are lovingly relieved of all apprehension of evil by the words: "My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him." Christian Scientists love this passage, for it brings peace to the troubled, anxious heart. Frequently, however, expectation is too material to conform to this high desire. Do not we all too often give heed to such remarks as, "You should not expect much from him," or, "I shall do what I can, but do not expect too much"?

John assures us, "All things were made by him [God]; and without him was not any thing made that was made." Surely whatever is from God is good, and is therefore dependable; and therein is no chance of evil or uncertainty. If one's expectation be really from God, one knows that "with God all things are possible," and that man, as God's reflection, must do perfectly whatever God would have him do. Man, expressing God, must be what God would have him be; and since God is infinite good, man can in reality express nothing except God's purity, perfection, and right activity. There is but one kind of man, because there is but one God.

Naught but a false sense of self can exclude this right expectation and realization of the perfect harmony which divine Mind continually expresses by and through His idea, man. Self-consciousness, self-importance, self-justification, self-condemnation, self-will, self-love, all self-seeking, must be cleared away from our thinking to let in the light of Truth, which is always ready to illumine the way for us and guide our every footstep.

My Prayer
May 14, 1927

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