There is nothing that could delight me more than the...

There is nothing that could delight me more than the opportunity to testify to the healing efficacy of Christian Science. When Christian Science found me I was quite as radically turned into another man as was Saul, who was made king, after he met the company of prophets coming down the hill of God. At that time I had a position as a bookkeeper in quite a large office, a very good position. It was about the eighth similar position I had had in less than two years. I had lost the other seven because I could not see well enough to keep books; in fact, I was about to lose the one I was in because I made so many mistakes in my work on account of defective vision. I had what was called compound astigmatism of the eyes. I was equipped with two pairs of rather expensive glasses, one pair to put on when I wanted to see to read, and the other pair to put on when I wanted to walk; and both pairs had to be altered quite often at considerable expense. I was very much worried, because nothing had ever done me any good for this difficulty. I looked forward upon the unpleasant prospect of being blind, and without means of support; in addition to which I had, at that time, a very precious semi-invalid wife, dependent, as I believed, upon my earning capacity.

I had been reading Christian Science for about six or seven weeks when, one evening, I dragged my weary footsteps homeward after being sharply scolded in the office that day for errors in my work, commiserating myself upon my hard lot, and pondering the problem intently. And I reasoned with myself thus: If Christian Science is such a good thing, as they say it is, why cannot I apply it to this approaching blindness?

Testimony of Healing
When I stop to think of the many blessings which our...
May 14, 1927

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