The Kingdom of Heaven

Christian Science is doing a great deal to-day in removing the difficulties which for long have troubled religious people. Thoughtful men and women will never be satisfied so long as their reason remains unconvinced; and the religious system that attempts to make converts on the basis of faith unsupported by understanding, is bound to prove itself a failure. One of the outstanding features of Christian Science is that it completely convinces the reason, and thus satisfies the intelligent demands of its adherents; and in consequence, these adherents possess a faith in the things that pertain to God to which it would be impossible to find a parallel in religious experience.

The question of the kingdom of heaven has long been a problem to many. What is this kingdom? Where is this kingdom? they have persistently asked. And too often the answer they have received has done little or nothing to enlighten them, because it has been based on erroneous concepts of God. How much depends on the right understanding of God! Get that understanding, and all religious difficulties can be resolved. Fail to possess it, and one remains where one was—in uncertainty and doubt, and possibly in error.

May 14, 1927

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