In reply to "Watcher," writing in your recent issue, let...

Greenock Herald

In reply to "Watcher," writing in your recent issue, let me reiterate that Christian Science is Christian because it fulfills the teachings of Christ Jesus in healing the sick and reforming the sinner through the spiritual method. It is Science because it is demonstrable knowledge. Christian Science differs from natural or physical science in that it is Christian knowledge gained through the evidence of the spiritual senses, in contradistinction to the testimony of the physical senses. The knowledge which enabled Christ Jesus to multiply the loaves and fishes in order to feed the multitude, to find money in a fish's mouth sufficient to pay a tax, knowledge which enabled him to dispel a fever, cure the lame, the halt, the blind, the deaf, and the dumb, was certainly not knowledge gained through the physical senses. Christ Jesus said that anyone who believed in him could do the works which he did. Our critic will see from this that it is necessary to gain the Mind of Christ, and to be able to discern the spiritual facts of being as he did, before one can emulate his works.

Our critic will never understand the Bible intelligently until he distinguishes between Christ, the Son of God, mentioned in the first chapter of Genesis as made in the image and likeness of God, the only begotten Son of God, and Adam, the material counterfeit, who, error declares in the material account of creation given in the second chapter of Genesis, was formed by God from the dust of the ground. The first is spiritual; the latter is material. The Adam man, or the flesh, must be put off, and the immortal, or spiritual, man must be put on, as Paul declares. This is the teaching and practice of Christian Science.

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