In an article on "Mind Healing" appearing in your paper,...

Daily Telegraph

In an article on "Mind Healing" appearing in your paper, which consists of an imaginary conversation between a psychologist, a doctor, and a business-man, reference is made to Christian Science, which, though undoubtedly written in a spirit of fairness, calls for some little correction. The mistake is made of confusing Christian Science with Couéism in a statement that "Christian Science is merely Couéism applied." The fact is that the two are really poles apart. The mental suggestion of Couéism relies entirely upon the human mind for its effects. Since this so-called mind is admittedly as capable of producing evil as good, there can be no scientific healing in this direction, the effect, of course, being merely in proportion to the strength of the belief. Christian Science healing is based upon the fact that the only realities are the creations of the divine Mind, God, who can create no element of evil or disease, being, in His essential nature, unchanging good. The word "real" is used as referring to that which actually exists, as opposed to that which merely appears to exist.

The action of Christian Science, then, is a process of spiritual enlightenment with regard to the eternal facts relating to God and His creation; and as these spiritual facts take the place of the false beliefs or suggestions of evil, the erroneous physical effects also disappear. This healing is permanent, since its basis is Truth; and its process, far from being the labored action of the human mind, is as natural as when the admittance of light into a dark room dispels the darkness, or the realization that twice two is four permanently dispels the illusion that twice two can possibly be anything else.

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