Love One Another

The activity of divine Love within the human heart is from the wellspring of Life, whose waters purify, bless, and heal. This activity is spiritual life; and there is no bitterness, no sadness, no disappointment in it. Without the divine Principle, which is Love, one does not know love, for the human, variable sense of love is not love; and by its fruits it is obviously not of the tree of Life, whose leaves are for the healing of the nations. How much of the world's sorrow and sadness is traceable to a false sense of love! The love that John enjoins us to have for one another is the love which is wedded to purity and innocence, the love which finds satisfaction in glorifying and magnifying the claims of God, the love which sees and knows only what is true, and disposes of all that is limited, false, and unreal.

To love one another, then, is to see and love what God sees and loves, and this is His image and likeness, nothing less. To love one another is to reflect that love wherewith God loves us. It is to see, to recognize, and to glorify only perfection, the complete, full reflection of Love.

Our Daily Prayer
December 3, 1927

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